8 Reasons to invest in Daylui.com

We are sharing some reasons, why you should invest into Daylui.com

1. Daylui is already an operational business. We have a fully working platform, users can already come and lease their items to others and get paid, or rent something from others.  So we have a constantly grow user base, and with more funding, we can increase this growth more rapidly.

Daylui sharing platfrom

2. Easy to scale internationally. Daylui is an online software, which allows us to expand to other markets easily, by simply implementing new currencies and languages and promoting our products there.

3. Opportunity to become market leader. There is no key players in this market, thus there is an opportunity to become leader in this rental market.

4. Very good timinig. Have you ever thought about being in the place and right time? We think that it’s a very good timing for such idea, since we have recently seen number of sharing economy companies grow rapidly, and we believe that this product will be a success too!
Daylui renting made easy
5. Sharing economy is on a rise. Sharing economy market is growing very rapidly, and it is expected to grow even more in the folowing years. This can be explained by many factors, for instance younger generations use technologies more in their everyday life, than older generations. Thus market it will definitely grow.
Daylui - Sharing economy on a rise

6. Business open to anyone. Daylui allows both private individuals and companies to use its services. Anyone can lease their items, and anyone can hire from others. This will give opportunity to private individuals enter rental market, as Airbnb allowed private individuals to lease their houses. Whereas companies, will be able to get more customers too.

7. Rental market yet to see changes. Rental market is very large and constantly growing, but it is mostly dominated by old companies who are operating in old fashioned ways. Thus, customers will be more willing to use Daylui.com to find good rentals offers, and thus comapnies will be using this new way to improving their business.


8. Efficient resource usage. Currently many people have various items they do not use on daily basis, therefore enalbing people to lease their items, would give another life to their forgotten items, and thus would make resource usage more efficient. Other people would consider renting something to try before commiting to buy. Or they would see that renting is cheaper, and thus would not buy items that will be rarely used.

Hence, your investments would help company to grow, benefit society in many ways and will be profitable to you.



Why we are raising funds (crowdfunding) ?

We have launched Daylui.com without any side investments. Our small team of 4 persons has fully developed system from scratch, and currently we have a fully functioning Peer to Peer rental marketplace Daylui.com.

Once we had functioning product we started marketing it. We’ve tested many different marketing methods, spent loads of personal time on promoting and marketing Daylui.com.  After spendig many months on marketing, and analysing achieved results – we were not satisfied. Project was scalling slowly, can’t tell you numbers, but not enough.

We are getting new users, we are getting new listings, but user and item numbers have to be bigger and more substantial in order to start converting and making good money.

Therefore, we realized that personal efforts backed with financial support would bring much bigger and greater results. Hence we’ve decided that raising funds is a good option, and raising it via Crowdfunding is even better, since it will give users possibility to become part of the project.

Rental marketplace is very potential project and experience from other countries proves that concept is working (Example. Lithuania, Dalinuosi.lt). It just requires investment, commitment, time to grow and some luck.

We are equity crowdfunding, join us


Marketing & display advertising ideas

We are young startup building rental marketplace, we believe in connection and interaction between people. Also we believe that people should share what they have with others so we can use resources better and more efficiently, but most importantly is to make simple access to a world of stuff, and allow people to rent things with a simple click from their neighbours or wherever they go! There are so many great things around us, and we would be very happy to try many new things!

So, since you are aware who are we and what we want, we would like to showcase some our our display advertising ideas, or display ads that we prepared for google display networks. As to make our platform successful and functional we need people! And to get people we need to promote website so people can learn and find us!

Currently we are testing how efficiently google display ads would workand whether there is a point to continue with this advertising in future, like increasing our budget on display advertising or simple look for other marketing channels, which would bring more enaging users and lower cost.

Current goal is to grow user base and focus on users who are willing to share their items with others. So now we need to grow number of listings, to give our users great choice of goods for hire.

We try to keep it as simsple as possible with cleare and nice looking messages.
First four blocks are 300 x 250 display ads we use for our marketing:

Daylui.com Google display ad  300 x 250

Display ad 300 x 250

Daylui.com Google display ad  300 x 250

Display ad 300 x 250

Daylui.com Google display ad  300 x 250

Display ad 300 x 250

Daylui.com Google display ad  300 x 250

Display ad 300 x 250

Further are larger horizontal blocks 728 x 90pixels. With same focus of inviting peopple to share their items & make money.

Daylui.com Google display ad  300 x 250

Display ad 728×90

Daylui.com Google display ad  300 x 250

Display ad 728×90

Daylui.com Google display ad  300 x 250

Display ad 728×90

Daylui.com display ad 728x90

Display ad 728×90

Thus, what you think about our display ads? Would they attrack you to our website? Or maybe you have better thoughts? We are happy to hear!


The story of success- Seoul, sharing city!

To make the world a better place for a living we need to use the resources we have to the fullest, but unfortunately we rarely use number of our items and do not share them with others. In the end most stuff collects dust until we throw it away.

But there is some great example of cities that move towards sharing economy. Seoul is one of the best examples of sharing cities, but it has not been like this since always.

Before becoming the capital of sharing economy Seoul had it’s own problems. Rapid industrialization, huge housing costs, environmental pollution, huge amount of trash –  Seoul generated 9 000 tons of trash daily. Instead of reusing number of things in Seul people used to buy stuff, and after some time many of rarely used items were binned. Thus most of the stuff was not used to it’s maximum potential.

Sharing economy is a chance for the city to reduce the problems associated with fast growth. The society can decrease environment pollution, decrease daily expenditures, save time, get new friends and knowledge and of course help others.

60% of people living in Seoul lives in apartments. This means that there is an opportunity to connect people, creating shared spaces, such as shared libraries, shared gardens, or shared storage spaces for storing rarealy used items such as tools and many more!

Currently in Seoul, you can find many sharing economy programs, public shared buildings, Car sharing, lending & sharing libraries, sharing hub, financial support, start-up school, start-up incubators, housing and Inter-generational Connection, Seoul Youth Hub, , bartering for goods, open data plaza, , Public Wi-Fi, Seoul Photo Bank, and many others.

Seoul made important steps to help city move to sharing economy:

  • changed outdated laws and systems;
  • supports sharing enterprises;
  • encourages citizen participation.

Another important points, is that Seoul city is trying to help young sharing economy companies to start their business, penetrate and adjust to current market. This is done by supporting them financially, providing education on specific topic, giving free office for work or promoting young business campaigns.  “In other words,” they say, “the city of Seoul helps the sharing companies to take root well and settle down successfully in their markets.”

Sharing is the way of life for sustainable tomorrow this is a principle of Seoul’s developing sharing economy.

It is a great example of how to develop, use the resources and teach people to share with others. Other developing sharing economy cities can use the example of Seoul, use the tips and develop more quickly.

It was obvious that there is a need to change something to make a Seoul a better place for it’s inhabitants.

It is necessary to reduce the importance of ownership among the society as well.  There has been made a research (in Netherlands) which shows that about 44%  of participants would take part as a consumer and 32% as a provider (and 84% would like to try participate). Also, it is important to say that 96% have never took a part in collaborative consumption.  This study shows that there is a huge potential for sharing. We need to teach people to share.  Sharing model will work not only for Seoul, every city can change and become a sharing city bringing with it all the advantages.

Thus, we are happily inviting you to join our sharing platform https://www.daylui.com


Make money with sharing economy

Sharing economy takes variety of forms, typically it is online platform which connects people who share goods and services with others for money. For those who are new to it, sharing economy enables you to share your skills or goods with others and in return for sharing you receive money!

It can also help you find people with the right skill or people who have right goods that you are looking for. Assume you are traveling somewhere and instead of booking a hotel, you can book a place at privately rented house, rent a car, a boat etc.

Make money with sharing economy

We have prepared a list of best sharing websites that can help you make extra income!

Physical goods & assets:
Daylui.com  – Make money renting out your  items: cars, boats, cameras, bicycles, tents etc.
Airbnb.com – Make money renting out your home, apartment or spare bedroom.

Skills & Talents:
Upwork.com -Make money by applying for online freelance jobs online from around the world.
freelancer.com – Make money by accessing new freelance jobs.
taskrabbit.com – Earn money by getting tasks done for people.
fiverr.com – Make money through your unique skills and talents.
guru.com – Make money by winning new freelance clients.
sparehire.com – Leverage your finance, consulting, marketing or accounting background to find lucrative freelance.
blogmutt.com – Make money by writing blogs for companies in need of fresh content.

Transportation & Taxi:

Uber – Make money by driving passengers who need a ride.
lyft – Make money by taking your community where they need to go.
shuddle.us – Make money by driving kids for busy parents.
breeze.com – Lease a car to start work as a rideshare driver right away

udemy.com – Make money by teaching your proffessional skills with people around the world.
coachup.com – Make money by coaching athletes in your area.
skillshare.com – Make money by sharing your creative skills with people around the world.
takelessons.com – Make money and grow your teaching business by connecting with new students.

Logistics & Delivery:
nimber.com – Earn money by shipping items for  people around the world.
shyp.com – Earn money by packaging and shipping packages for your community.
munchery – Make money by delivering quality prepared meals to diners.
doordash – Your favorite local restaurants delivered to you.
postmates.com – Make money by delivering goods via car, bike, scooter, or more.
side.cr – Make money by sharing your ride with your community, on-demand delivery network for businesses
instacart.com –  Make money delivering groceries to your neighbors.

urbansitter.com – Make money through babysitting or nanny jobs.
dogvacay.com – Make money by taking care of dogs.
doggybnb.com – Make money by tapping your pre-existing connections for pet sitting jobs.
care.com – Make money through babysitting, pet-sitting, senior caregiving, & housekeeping jobs.
New companies are appearing everyday, thus if you found something new, drop us an email on info(at)daylui.com and we will update it!


Renting & Sharing made easy!

How to rent and share items on Daylui.com?

Our system is designed in few steps, so that you can easily rent and share you items!


If you are looking to rent something on Daylui, it is as simple as that:

1. Find item you need
Explore Daylui.com for amazing items listed by people.

2. Book a rental online
Connect with listing owners, confirm your rental dates, and pay all through Daylui.com.

3. Use & Enjoy
No matter where you are or where you go, Daylui.com is always nearby.

Sharing (Putting your items for rent)

1. List your item
Enter description about your item, set a price, upload photos, and submit. We will work hard to get you first rental requests!

2. Review rental requests
When someone is interested in your listing, they will either send you a message or request to book it. Once you received their request, approve it.

3. Meet the renter
On the day of the rental, meet your renter, great him and show your item and advice how to use it.

4. Earn money & repeat
Daylui.com collects the rental payments and pays you directly. Thus you can enjoy extra income, and list more of your items for rent!

Join Daylui.com community and start Renting and Sharing items with others!


What is Daylui.com?

So what is Daylui.com? It is a community marketplace where individuals can rent almost anything from other people.  Daylui connects people who have something to share with people who are looking for something to rent.

Either it is a motorhome, boat, bicycle or a gopro camera, most people do not use thse items on everyday basis. Therefore they have great opportunity to share their items on www.daylui.com. By doing so you can earn extra income and offset some costs of ownership and be part of growing sharing community.

We always welcome new users on www.daylui.com to join growing community of people who share and rent items!

P.S. It’s like an Airbnb but for everything else: cars, boats, cameras, motor homes, bicycles and more…!



How did it start?

How did Daylui.com start?

It was begninig of 2014, we were still studying at University in our final years.  Four of us met to discuss about our future and what should we do with it. Since we are young, we were enthusiastic and thought that we should pursue developing our own business.

There were so many ideas, starting with fairytale application on mobile phones to wooden yacht production & online bitcoin casino. Although at that moment the most perspective idea on which everyone agreed, was to create single a online rental market place where people could list their items for rent and earn money, whilst others could use this great service and hire items from people around them.

More than a year had passed and we are still working to make this website Live. (Since we have only one web developer in our team, work takes longer than we have initially expected, nevertheless Today (2015.07.30) we are very close to launch.)

Fun fact. Whilst Daylui.com development work was taking process, we have managed to establish one more business ESQUOIA (Company manufacturing whiteboard notebooks, with 2 successfull Kickstarter campaings)